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Becki was born in California, grew up in the midwest, graduated high-school & college in Texas, and travels every chance she gets; but home is really where the pups are. That is her two rescue dogs @watsontheleonberger and Miley Saurus (she's part dinosaur). Becki drinks her coffee so slowly she often gets hot & iced coffee out of the same cup. In addition to consuming vast amounts coffee and espresso, Becki believes in the three main 'C' food groups: cheese, Chick-fil-a, and chocolate ice-cream, but of course she also gets excited about a good avocado and trying out new restaurants. Becki loves to read and you can often find her right in the middle of a business book, a murder mystery novel, and a beach read all at the same time. 

Becki graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Photography. She has photographed  100+ couples all over Texas & around the world. 


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meet becki

owner. photographer. creative director.

coffee snob. dog mom.TEQUILA LOVER.  

believer in true friendships & real love.

hardback book enthusiast.